About Us

M E E T  R O S I E

Rosemary Horne, is the owner and Director of Circle Communications & Events. Prior to establishing Circle Communications & Events, Rosemary worked in the arts and culture sector for over 25 years.  Employed with the City of Toronto in municipal government for 17 years, she began her career as an administrator and later as Preservation Officer for the Toronto Historical Board.  She was responsible for conveying the best options for ensuring the preservation of the cities built heritage and districts within the City.  Her experience has encompassed working with numerous organizations and community groups to develop frameworks to collaboratively solve shared challenges.  She brought forward key public policies, coordinated and managed the approval and implementation process for setting preservation priorities and coordinated the amalgamation of 5 different cities heritage policies and files.  Rosemary later served as the Cultural Officer for the Assembly Hall, an art gallery, culture and theatre centre for the City of Toronto.

Before joining the government, Rosemary was the Administrative Assistant to the Director of Union Gas in Sudbury and later in their head office in Toronto.  Upon her return to Sudbury, she was the Executive Director of the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra where she was responsible for developing and executing many strategic communications plans and effective responses to contentious issues and events.  She excels at building relationships with stakeholders, and developing mutually beneficial solutions and partnerships. As a believer in bringing people together, Rosemary has organized numerous special events, specializing in offering unique twists to the ordinary.  Inspired by the purpose of passion, people and integrity, she delivers innovative and creative concepts and concrete solutions to those she works with. With over 35 years of experience in municipal governments, arts, culture and the private business world, Rosemary holds a degree in Arts Administration and Cultural Management.  She has been the recipient of numerous awards for her work in communities. 

A B O U T   U S

In today's business world, effective communications is a critical and essential tool for a healthy business. At Circle Communications & Events, we assist businesses in designing strategic communication plans that will help to guide their work towards specific outcomes.


Often, one of the most overlooked aspect of a business is its own lack of ability to communicate - both internally as well as externally.  Sadly, this lack of communications can often have profound effects on a business' productivity.  Critical to developing a successful communications plan, is to implement measurement-based planning. Defining what you ultimately want to measure - and how you will measure it - creates a focussed and concrete communication plan with quantifiable results.  Through thorough and extensive research, we support businesses in designing effective goals that are measurable. These goals are established within your communication plans.   


We encourage our clients to include all levels of staff to be included in contributing to the developing of the vision within the communications strategies.  This helps to create an environment where there is is buy-in from everyone on the team. By creating a communications plan that is unique, and creating a totally new and frictionless way for people to get results, we stand out from the pack. It is how we create a difference that can not be easily copied. Our commitment is to exceed our clients' expectations.


At Circle Communications & Events, we work with you to ensure the success of your event. From conferences, private or corporate celebrations or fundraising events, to small and intimate affairs, we offer specifically detailed Event Consultation. We will assist you in fashioning your creative vision and to bring it to life.


We recognize that not all clients require full-scale event planning or event coordination. You may have in-house staff that can actually deliver the event, but you require assistance in identifying your vision. For this reason, event consulting may be the best option for you.

We tailor each client’s needs and budgets to create a custom package that best meets your specific planning and budgetary requirements. 

No matter what the size or nature of your event is, we're here to help you.